HyperMail.com Review

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HyperMail.com Review

HyperMail is the flagship product and Software-as-a-Service web application of HyperText Group, Inc. This company was established in 2004 and has been focusing on web design, programming, and web applications.

Originally created to be used as a back-end website sales tool for a medical sales company, HyperText Group, Inc has turned it into a fully functional end-to-end mass email marketing application. This email marketing product is 100%  web-based and developed in-house.

Features of HyperMail

HyperMail claims to have the tools needed for successful email marketing. Its automated tool allows you to send millions of emails with several clicks. In fact, you can simply schedule and queue up campaigns in HyperMail. Plus, it makes it possible for you to set up your hourly sending rate.

List creation and management is no hassle at all. It allows creation of custom fields to make it easier for you to filter data. Also, with HyperMail, you can centralize and consolidate your mailing list and automate the management of opt-in/opt-out.

When it comes to email design, this email marketing software provides limitless possibilities in creating great-looking emails. It supports full HTML and CSS, allows upload of images and other media from 3rd party location for free, and enables you to insert email recipient’s info.like the first name, last name, and the like.

Before you can send your emails, HyperMail will give you a spam score based on your content. The higher the score is, the more likely it will end up in the junk folder. However, it provides recommendations on how you can improve it.

HyperMail is CAN SPAM compliant and monitors all your emails to make sure they will not be listed to any of real-time block lists. All campaigns are also being tracked and measured to show you which of them met your goals. Report statistics will show you data on emails sent, delivered, opened, clicked, bounced, opted-out, and more.

Final thoughts on HyperMail.com

Although what HyperMail offers are the basic features of an email marketing software, it still stood out from the rest because it provides special add-ons on these basic tools. This website, which is exactly the same with GoHyperMail.com, has pricier monthly subscription compared to its counterparts ($99/month). However, with its tools and applications, it’s all worth it.

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