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Conflict Resolution and the Impact to Total Efficiency

by on May.23, 2012, under Contributor, mailing list manager

“The smartest thing a manager can do to pay back their own excellent performers is to talk about the performance of their poor as well as below average performers.”

However, this continues to be a common problem for those who rely on the work as well as input of other people for their success or any conflict resolution. And this also is not confined to the actual manager/employee relationship. This similarly applies to working with co-workers, bosses, volunteer workers, suppliers.

These folks have their ‘unfair share’ of our ‘mind time’.

We often keep our dissatisfaction, aggravation, and tempers to ourselves till we can bear it no more. Whenever we ultimately say something, we lead with anger, and ran the danger of being dismissed as “over emotional”, or even “totally over reacting”.

The recipients in many cases are surprised and attack back with defensiveness and counter accusations. Not a good way to get the performance we want!

You will find ‘controlled’ means of coping with unsatisfactory efficiency, from anyone involving your 360 connections. The actual approach draws greatly on a broad range of analytical, problem solving, conflict control, and social communication skills backed up by a good dose of self awareness. Although these are generally understood skills, we’re apt to forget to draw about what we most require them, and kick ourselves for making an unnecessary fool of ourselves, or even placing a terrible strain on an already ‘bent’, but bearable relationship.

The answers to your own prayers!

There is a means of staying on the front foot over these conversations plus staying away from being confronted by “yes but’s” that you can’t response to.

1) Invest time and effort in raising concerns when they are small.

2) Use your suggestions and problem solving skills to handle discussions.

3) Deal with the actual discussion with attention vs judgment, along with a genuine desire to discover why they performed as they did.

4) Prepare for that discussion by considering all the possible difficulties that you, the team, the organization have formulated that could be stopping any kind of reasonable, able and eager individual from performing towards the needed standard.

For many, this ‘insatiable desire’ does not occur by accident, nor does it over a continual time period. It comes from the deliberate as well as collaborative actions of leaders, managers, and employees to create the conditions for growth, and sustainability for their organization. Thus helps with any conflict management. What we have covered, if applied with skill and precision, can play a significant part in ensuring this future.

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