Best AutoResponders

Best Autoresponders

In this post we will talk briefly on the top autoresponders. There are three different types of autoresponders we will get into. The first Paid autoresponder which usually has a monthly fee the second is the self hosted autoresponders, those are the autoresponders that you host on your own domain, and last but not least the top free autoresponder which is a free autoresponder usually with a catch attached to it.


Best Remotely Hosted Autore­spon­ders

Best Remotely Hosted Autore­spon­ders

The best paid autoresponder is When you line up getresponse to its competition it seems to win or be a close contender in each category this combined with their willingness to upgrade services when need be makes Getresponse my number one choice for paid autoresponder services

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Best Self hosted Autoresponder

Best Self hosted Autoresponder

Best Self Hosted Autoresponder

After reviewing all of the top self-hosted Autoresponders this honor had to go to the The main cause of concern when it comes to self-hosted autoresponders is what do I do if the self-hosted Autoresponder stops working who do I go to who can I blame. Unless you are script developer this is usually not the road to take. That being said The has excellent customer support and will fix any problems that you might have with your Autoresponder. On top of this staff is constantly upgrading their software and also adding unique features to their AutoResponder making it better every time. If you are looking for a pay one time and its mine Autoresponder for less than $70 check out the

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Best Desktop Autoresponder

Best Desktop Autoresponder

Best Desk Top Autoresponder

Commonly used by scammers the desktop Autoresponder is by far one of the most cost effective way to send out automated emails the problem with most of these desktop email marketing is software is well they are frequently getting banned from top email providers like Gmail and Hotmail. So who can you trust well the number one company is still Send Blaster some of their features make you scratch you head wondering why more companies don’t do this but the thing with desktop email providers is that they constantly need to be upgraded most of desktop autoresponders remain in the Beta stage none the less if you are looking for the top desktop email marketing software that has no monthly fees Send Blaster is the right choice

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Top Free Autoresponders

Now first off to take advantage of a free autoresponder its a good idea to have some sort of web hosting and of course a domain name. All of these things can be purchased for under $20 for a full year to learn how to do this click here.

Best Free Self Hosted Autoresponder

The Top free self hosted Autoresponder honors go to the features are pretty basic but it gets the job done. Also its still being updated, typically thats the main fear with free self hosted autoresponders they are usually never cared for, the infinite autoresponder is an example of this fact. None the less i’ve tried it and tested it. It works great. The hosting provider I used was Host Gator.

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Top Free Autoresponder

Top Free Autoresponder

Top Free Autoresponder

The top free autoresponder is not a complicated autoresponder by any means and it’s not a feature rich autoresponder by any means but its free and it gets the job done. ListWire tops the list for best completely free autoresponders.

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Hope this posts helps you get onto the fast track to email marketing. If you require help profiting from email marketing consider the Free Email Marketing Tips training course which helped convince and educate thousands on the art of successful email marketing.

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