When It Comes To Email Lists Size Doesn’t Matter And Here’s Why

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If you are struggling to build a profitable email list, it’s really not hard to see why. There have been literally millions of pages written about how to build a list, but consistently making money from that list is still a mystery to most people. It’s not to hard to get the mechanics right; it’s the money-getting part that’s the problem. But the fact is that if you can work out how to build a list of people who respond to your offers, the money will come, and often quite quickly.

The most important part of list building is getting started, because it doesn’t matter how many people you have on a list at the beginning, if you keep at it and follow the steps in this article, you’re going to be very happy with the results. If you follow these 2 Simple Rules, you’re list building and email marketing will be much easier, and a whole lot more profitable.

Rule 1 – Treat Your Readers Like Good Friends

The first step in building a responsive email list is to have the mindset of always treating the people who do subscribe to your list really well. This has two big benefits: Your emails will be forwarded to friends and family much more often. And your readers will be much more likely to buy the products you recommend when you make an offer or run a promotion.

Working on building a relationship like this with each person on your list has many benefits, both to you and your readers. When you give your subscribers advice and guidance that really HELPS them, regardless of whether they buy anything from you or not, you set yourself up to be rewarded in many ways. And when you approach people from a position of service like this, you’ll be able to do very well from a list of a just a couple of thousand people.

So you’re probably wondering how do build a list of people who know, like and trust you? The first step is to find out exactly what the people in your market are starving for. What’s keeping those people awake at night? What big problem do they have that they’d happily pay money for a solution?

Rule 2 – Help People First, And You’ll Get Well Paid Later

Once you know what your readers really want, start off by giving them stuff that actually HELPS them start moving towards it. Give them free products or information that helps them take the first couple of steps towards getting their big goal or solving their big problem. And then you can sell them products or services that help them get the rest of the way towards finally achieving the solution.

Profitably using email marketing isn’t just pitching one product after another every few days. That used to work, but it’s as good as dead now because people are just over it. You should ‘touch’ people regularly with helpful content, and sprinkle in occasional offers using short sequences for best results.

Some Final Thoughts

If you approach your readers like they are your friends, they are going to look forward to hearing from you. And if you really take this to heart and DO it, you’re going to start to make more money, because they will buy more of the products you recommend. Remember what Frank Kern calls The Mysterious Stranger – those people could help you to make a whole bunch of money, like they have for thousands of other people.

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