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How To Create A Youtube Video That Goes Viral

by on Feb.02, 2015, under Contributor, Email Marketing

Do you want to create viral content that Google loves? The answer to that question is probably yes, but not many people know how to go about it. With that said, here are a few tips on creating viral content that Google will love.

Sure, videos have been in existence for a very long time and is not new in the field of advertising. However, if you can properly use YouTube for marketing, the potential is simply huge! There are numerous cases of people and companies that have become extremely successful through the use of videos.

Everyone wants their videos to go viral and one of the best ways to make a viral video is to include humor. Everyone loves to laugh. It is also important to keep in mind that the humor is in line with the marketing strategy of the company. Businesses can use cheesy content to get the attention of fickle viewers and have them share the video with their friends.

3. Create Attractive Titles- When you create viral content, make sure you use attractive titles. Google loves content with unique and attractive titles. This is why you should think long and hard about what the title to your content will be.

Besides the video, the simple act of sharing is what makes it possible for your content to go viral. With the huge growth of social media, just about everyone is sharing their finds with their social network, which is something that was very difficult to do in the past. However, due to the increase of these networks and the popularity of smart phones, it is critical that you post your videos on your social media as well as on your other web properties.

As you can see, it is kind of easy to get Google to love your content. People can over-complicate these things, but getting Google to like your content is not that hard to do. If you keep the above three tips in mind, then you will be on step closer to creating viral content that Google can’t get enough of.

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