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Interim Managers: Can They Really Improve Your Chances of Being successful?

by on May.18, 2012, under Contributor, mailing list manager

Time really is money for businesses running close to the line. Building financial pressure results in staff cuts and budget cuts, making the outlook for many businesses very bleak. However, many companies are turning the to expertise and experience of interim managers to combat this.

An interim manager is a senior level member of staff that is brought in to assist in the running of specific projects. The interim manager is equipped with specialist knowledge and practical experience. They will be employed on a short term contract which can last anything from a few weeks to a few months. Their unique ability is to quickly implement changes which will have long term benefits and gains.

The downturn in the economy has led to these types of managers being brought in to boost poor performing companies. This can be due to a particular crisis, the sudden departure of a senior level member of staff, or just to boost flagging sales.

All too often interim managers are stepping into large organisations to implement change and increase the chances of a project succeeding, but is there room for this type of management in a small company? If budgets are already maxed out and employees already pushed to their limit, how can the interim manager help?

One of the values of an interim manager is the unbiased opinion which they bring to the table. As they are external and not in any way connected with your company, they can provide honest opinions on where you’re going wrong. Equipped with their knowledge and experience they can speak their mind without being caught up in company politics.

Above all, it is the knowledge and industry experience which makes interim managers so valuable. They will have worked on a number of tasks in a variety of industries, which will allow them to implement the best possible strategies for you. You can be confident that your project will be dealt with in the best possible way.

Thirdly, the nature of interim management relies on the successful completion of projects. And work carried out to a poor standard will reflect badly on them. They need referrals in order to get new work. So, you can be sure that they will give 100% to your project to ensure it succeeds. They will be as concerned as you are to make the project work.

If your business is failing, this option is certainly work considering. Depending on your particular niche, there will be managers that are specialists in your market that can completely transform the way you look at projects.

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